We Believe In unique Design

Suede Design has been working with clients for over 20yrs. We provide concept development, photography and branding to clients
all over Australia. 

Our Story

Suede Design has been working with clients across a range of industries,
from Tourism to Agriculture. We pride ourselves in providing a solution
for your business that is unique and has longevity.  A strong brand is
more than just a logo, it’s reflected in everthing from your
customer service to your business cards.
Make your business stand out.

Fresh design

Recent design collaborations include the Branding and Logo Development for the company Raw Fibre. Raw Fibre is based in Armidale, on the beautiful New England Tablelands, Tracy Wright has created Raw Fibre. A unique label which, as the name suggests is focused on manufacturing garments using beautiful natural fibres.

Great colLaborations

I recently went on a photo shoot with the awesome photographer Luisa Brimble and Chef Sarah Glover. Wild cookbook is an inspiring cookbook with some seriously outdoor cooking!

Design is thinking made visual – saul Bass

Latest From Our Blog

Suede Design have been busy designing ads, new branding for local companies and photographing interesting events across the region.



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